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Zucchini stuffed with crab meat, recipes with photos

March is the time to attack vegetables and fruits. Even if they are genetically modified frankensteins, even if they are semi-wooded, frosty bags from the freezer, even if they stand as a cast-iron bridge, they must be attacked. March is the month of the hellish deficiency of summer and vitamins. This is the beginning of the post. This is a long and painful end of winter. This is a promise of summer, but … a promise, a hope, a vague hint so far. Only the strength of the spirit, this March. Barge haulers on the Volga, honestly.

I risk being misunderstood, but I buy expensive vegetables and fruits in the store. And eat them. And I say to myself: we live once. I saw the recipe for these zucchini, remembered the crab sticks that are languishing in the fridge, and realized that I would do it. Of course, from the presence of crab meat or shrimp, these zucchini would have won incredibly, but I have in my arsenal – crab sticks, which my husband asked for the salad for the last 6 days, but did not work out. I understand. Men are such people of mood.

The recipe belongs to Anahit Piruzyan. I did as an experiment clearly according to the recipe. Great recipe. Thank you, dear Anahit. Grandma Stasya, my chief impartial judge, said she would write a recipe. Then she laughed, because she understood that it makes no sense to write it down, because you can always come to the kitchen in the morning and say: So, Tanechka, and what do we have for dinner today? Maybe let’s do these zucchini for a long time did not do? And, by the wave of a magic wand, zucchini self-create by the evening by themselves. Tanya wrote down the recipe for herself. My will be a recipe.

Time for preparing: 40 minutes

Complexity: easy peasy. I really got it in 40 minutes, hanging on the phone for work, between the office and the dentist.

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