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Zucchini rolls, recipes with photos

Recently, I am more and more happy to go to the market. There more and more fresh vegetables and berries appear. If I try not to buy the first fruits and vegetables, then in a season – I’m coming off in full. So yesterday I was on the market and bought two beautiful young zucchini.

Since I was preparing fresh zucchini for the first time this year, I wanted to catch up with a little holiday – to cook juicy zucchini rolls.

This dish repeatedly rescued me when guests appeared at the door, but only squash and tomatoes grew in the garden. It goes well with meat and potatoes.

To prepare squash rolls, the following products are necessary:

    Squash salt to taste and leave for a few minutes.

    Strip zucchini roll in flour

    and fry until cooked in vegetable oil from two sides.

    Meanwhile, peel the garlic.

    Squeeze it out through the garlic into mayonnaise.

    Ready squash strips grease mayonnaise with garlic.

    Tomato cut strips.

    Spread on a piece of tomato on the edge of the strip zucchini.

    Fold zucchini roll.

    Finished zucchini on a plate decorated with greens, and served cold.

    If someone says that it is easier to fry zucchini and mix them with garlic, then it will be partly right, if you do not take into account the aesthetic moment. A dish with all its appearance should cause appetite.

    I often cook beautiful dishes, I try to decorate them with dignity. To a large extent this is due to the fact that my son does not like to eat. So I had to learn to see in food not only food for the stomach, but also the opportunity to get enough of it alone.

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