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Squash, canned pineapple cubes, recipes with photos

Every year during the zucchini season, we prepare them in the form of cubes, which very strongly resemble the canned pineapple in taste and appearance. Of course, it is possible to prepare in the form of rings, but with cubes it turns out more compact. Since sometimes zucchini grows a lot, and there is not enough space in the bins for cans, then we prepare the preserved zucchini until this winter-spring, but without rolling it for long-term storage.

As a magic tool that turns zucchini into pineapple, in this recipe are packaged drinks with the taste of pineapple firms Jupi or Zuko. You can, of course, use other flavors, such as peach, orange, strawberry, but the pineapple is more realistic and cannot be distinguished from the purchased one at all. If only carving to do;)

Such zucchini can be added to any dish that uses canned pineapple. Nobody will notice and do not change. A familiar one, tasting my cake, said: Pieces of fruit are famously combined! And what was her surprise that the fruit there and did not pass by. ;))

Time for preparing:30 minutes.

Level of difficulty: average.

For canning zucchini under the cubes of pineapple will need the following ingredients:

    All ingredients are listed under the volume of a three-liter jar. Zucchini is measured precisely by the volume of the jar, since the weight of the zucchini is different, which depends on the structure of their pulp: loose or dense. Therefore, cut the zucchini into cubes and fill a three-liter can with them – this will be the best way to find out the necessary volume of zucchini. And it will be possible to roll in liter jars. The photo shows a bag not advertising for the sake of, but for a visual representation of what it is about:

    Wash zucchini, peel, remove seeds:

    Cut the zucchini randomly into small cubes:

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