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Fresh zucchini carpaccio, recipes with photos

After all, carpaccio is meat. And here is a fresh vegetable that needs heat treatment? But the point is not in the product from which this Italian snack is made, but in the cutting! Originally prepared from raw meat. It was the finest cutting, so that already shone! It was seasoned with a mixture of lemon juice and other tasty ingredients.

But, as it happens with any product or recipe, the same thing happened here. That is why everything that was, changed and changed, depending on the presence of ingredients. So was born the recipe of zucchini carpaccio, which I want to share with you.

The main thing is not to be afraid if the leaf of the zucchini shines through – this is wonderful, because it will salt out more quickly and marinate. No, it doesn’t look like a salad. Does not look like pickled vegetables. Try and understand!

Time for preparing: 15 minutes (again, it all depends on the number of servings)

Complexity: incredibly easy!


Having washed the fruit, cut it at the sides, but do not peel it if it isn’t the old one! Our task is to cut thin-thin zucchini. Than? I, like many, armed with a peeler, but first of all I cut off the sides.

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