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Delicate fricassee of chicken and young zucchini, recipes with photos

Today I invite you to cook a very tasty and healthy dinner in the French manner – the so-called fricassee in those parts. I fell in love with the fact that vegetables and white meat used in the composition will certainly succumb to languishing in a delicate white creamy sauce – imagine how tasty it turns out.

In order to cook chicken fricassee with the addition of young zucchini, you and I will need:

How difficult is this dish in cooking: very simple

How much time is needed: since the ingredients used in this dish are prepared very quickly, it will take no more than 20 minutes to cook the fricassee as a whole

The steps proposed in the process of cooking fricassee with chicken fillet and zucchini actions:

Gentle and juicy, downright smelling freshness, the chicken fillet will certainly be washed, quickly dried and allowed in rather large cubes.

Immediately put on a small frying pan with the addition of a very small amount of vegetable oil.

On a fire above average, fry the chicken pieces, stirring occasionally.

In the meantime, let’s do zucchini. We will only wash and dry them, but we will not clean them – in young vegetables the skin is still thin and tender. Immediately let quite large semirings.

Sliced ​​vegetables are sent to the pan and mix.

Now we fry everything together until a nice crust appears on both the chicken and zucchini.

Now prepare a creamy sauce, in which we will torment the fillet and zucchini – mix the cream (I took homemade) with salt, a mixture of peppers, starch and dry garlic.

Pour the creamy mixture into the pan.

Let us still pinch Provencal herbs and mix. Cover and simmer the contents of the pan on a quiet fire for another 5-7 minutes after boiling.

Serve such a tasty and flavorful dish should be with rice.

Cook with pleasure!

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