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Courts of zucchini stuffed with ventricles, rice and vegetables, recipes with photos

When my mother comes to visit her grandson – this is happiness for the whole family!

Do you know why? Because it will definitely be preparing something delicious! This time, grandmother brought small and nice zucchini for her beloved grandson. Well, my husband and I at the same time perepalo.

The child happily ate the squash soup puree. And we…

However, now I will tell

This time it all came together. First, I had half cooked rice for meatballs, and in the stuffing for zucchini needed just a tablespoon, so not one tefelina suffered.

Secondly, I ran out of meat. Only the chicken ventricles, bought for the stew, about the stew next time, remained, and with the ventricles I decided to take the risk.

Therefore, they washed and cleaned from any films and excess fat. And here I had a dilemma. It is clear that the ventricles require a rather long process of heat treatment, but zucchini, especially the young ones, on the contrary, does not particularly like heat treatment. Of course, the stomachs can be pre-cooked, but I no longer wanted to cook, but I wanted to eat.

I decided to take a punch on myself and with a strong-willed decision I sent the stomachs into a bowl, whisk, with a blender,

until homogeneous almost emulsion consistency.

Whipped. Cut the onion rubbed carrots. I added rice to the meat component of my filling, carrot,

bow. Salted and peppered.
Turned on to warm the oven and took zucchini. She cleaned them, cut them in half and carefully chose the core. Here, I got easy, fast boats. The core of course did not throw it away, but cut it and sent to the stuffing. Squeezed garlic. Stirred up.

Boats shifted into shape. It is time to turn them into heavy barges, that is, to fill up. I put a lot of stuffing, with a slide.
Next – a trick: rubbed cheese and poured them my vessels.
She wished the courgettes a fair wind and sent to the oven.

In my (not very good) oven, they spent about half an hour, in normal, most likely 20 minutes would be enough.

For those who fear for the willingness of chicken ventricles – do not worry, this time in the oven was enough for them.

Enjoy your meal!

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