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Carrot cutlets with zucchini and bran, recipes with photos

I am sure that such carrot patties will be appreciated by many: those who just love vegetables and those who fast. Well and, of course, vegetarians, because there is not only meat, but also eggs are absent.

Such burgers can be easily classified as healthy food, especially if you do not fry them in butter in a pan, as I did, and bake in the oven. Then all the benefits of the ingredients present here (and here, perhaps, each ingredient claims to be useful) will remain in place.

But I honestly confess: I was too lazy to put them on a baking sheet and, in the middle of a hot summer, turn on the oven and turn the kitchen (especially not my kitchen, but my mother-in-law) into a sauna. And so – a bigger frying pan, an exhaust hood at full capacity, 10 minutes of standing at the stove and voila, the chops are ready. And then everything is simple – she ran over the lettuce leaves to the garden bed, wrapped the cutlet in them and my lunch was ready. Charm!

Difficulty – everything is simple

Time for preparing – half an hour from strength

Working process:

First of all, I poured the right amount of oatmeal into a deep pan and poured boiling water over it. Oatmeal in these cutlets is a very necessary ingredient – it serves as a binding element so that the burgers do not break up.

Carrot peeled. By the way, for a long time I have been looking for the benefits of staying at agricultural work in the village, and still find it slowly;) And one of them – you need to go to the vegetables not in the supermarket or the bazaar, but only in the garden. So all my vegetables today are from my own garden beds.

She cleaned the carrots onto the finest grater she had just found in the house. Next rubbed garlic.

Has thrown off bran.

In a pan heated the vegetable oil.

Wet hands formed small patties.

And rolled in flour. For one half of the cutlets, I used corn flour as a breading, and for the other half – wheat flour.

Put it in hot oil and fry over medium heat from both sides until a crust appears. They fry nicely and rather quickly – they do not disintegrate, they do not stick to the pan.

That’s it, carrot cutlets are ready! They turn out very tasty – with a crispy crust on the outside and tender inside. With greens and tomatoes the most it!

Enjoy your meal!

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