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Very lazy cabbage rolls with minced meat, recipes with photos

I would even say that this is the laziest cabbage rolls. Why say so? Because there do not even have to form, as is customary, the cabbage rolls themselves. No need to bother with other moments. Suffice it to boil-cook everything pretty, and the incredible yummy will very soon please you and all those who could not wait until everything is ready.

By the way, to enjoy this second course will not only be easy to prepare, but, I will reveal the secret, this time we will entrust almost the entire process to the slow cooker.

Lazy cabbage rolls made according to this recipe will not take much of your time. After all, they will not be prepared for long. Yes, and from different unhealthy processes we move away with you, because let’s not fry anything!

You will say that in appearance the dish reminds you of pilaf. Yes, in some ways the similarity is observed. But! The taste of this story will be exactly like that of stuffed cabbage – juicy, wholesome and tasty.

Time for preparing: about an hour in the multi plus 15-30 minutes to prepare, depending on the presence / absence of the prepared minced meat

Complexity: below the average


Start cooking with rice. It must first be rinsed cool in several waters.

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