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Tomatoes with cheese, recipes with photos

Today, to be honest, I didn’t really like to cook something.

Rather, that did not want to. My husband went to her father-in-law, I stayed alone on the farm and was sad. Cooking for me is somehow lazy or something. No matter when the husband is sitting at the table and eating all my creations behind both cheeks;)

But be that as it may, there is still something needed. Especially when you crawl in the evening from work. Especially when tired and hungry.

In general, I opened the refrigerator, but there is nothing. Here is nothing at all. Goodies are missing completely. You need to compose them.

And how to compose, and most importantly – from what, when it is late evening outside, and on the shelf in the fridge only 3 small tomatoes are sad, but a slice of cheese? Well, straight piece. Oh yeah, there are still raw eggs. Eggs are my strategic stock 🙂

In general, I set to boil 2 eggs, and she went to the shower. But after the shower quickly bungled this snack.

The difficulty is generally zero

Cooking time – active actions 5 minutes; and another 15 minutes to cook eggs

To make tomatoes with cheese, I needed the following products:

    Tomatoes washed, cut into slices.

    Salted them and peppered.

    The testicles (already cooked by this time) were cleaned and put on a medium grater.

    From above I drew a grid (well, well, well – like a grid;)) from mayonnaise.

    I cleaned a clove of garlic and let it through the press.

    Laid on top of the eggs.

    Now, on a small terke (this is exclusively for aesthetics), I rubbed hard cheese. Sprinkled with tomatoes and cheese.

    Sliced ​​feathers of green onions and sprinkled her plain dish 🙂

    That’s it, my bachelor everyday dinner is ready!

    And if you, too, have embarked on a meal – bon appetit!

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