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Tomatoes, stuffed with dill, recipes with photos

This year’s crop of tomatoes turned out to be amazing – we only have time to collect, preserve and eat them in any form. I think you should not once again remind about the beneficial properties of this vegetable, and the cost of tomatoes in the season is just ridiculous.

Today I want to share with you a recipe for an easy to prepare cold snack – tomatoes stuffed with dill. Frankly, this dish reminds me of slightly salted cucumbers – tomatoes are slightly pickled during the day and the same garlic-dill flavor is present.

There are many types of stuffing for fresh tomatoes, usually the housewives add cheese – cheese or feta, but in the beds my cheese does not grow, so I got such a light version of the dish.

So, we will need:

Tomatoes – 1 kg
Dill – a large bunch (100-150 g)
Garlic, salt

My tomatoes, cleaned from the stalks. Fruits are small and hard to be enough for one bite. An ideal variant is Chumak (plum-sized) variety.

Use a sharp knife (I used my favorite tomato) to cut off the lid from the tomato, about half a centimeter from the edge. Since we have all tomatoes of about the same size, there is no need to match a particular lid with a certain tomato, no problem if you mix them up.

Then gently remove the pulp from the tomato – you can do it with a small spoon, but it was more convenient for me to use the same knife.

Too zealous is not worth it, just get about a third of the pulp of the total tomato.

Pulp do not throw away, it will come in handy later.

When all the tomatoes are ready, you can do stuffing. Dill wash and finely chop.

We clean the garlic, its amount depends on your taste preferences. I believe that garlic does not happen much, so I took 2 small heads.

Add the tomato flesh to the greens, salt to taste and mix thoroughly to make the dill juice.

Chop the garlic in the garlic press. Add to the total mass.

With the resulting mass, gently stuff the tomatoes, cover them with a lid and place them in an upright position in an airtight container for marinating.

A great option is a plastic container with a lid.

The minimum time for marinating is 10-12 hours, during this time a little brine appears at the bottom of the container, and the dish acquires a stunning flavor.

Tomatoes can be stored for a short time, a maximum of 7-10 days, but you should not worry about it – you will certainly eat them earlier! After all, this is a great appetizer for kebabs, fish and an excellent alternative or addition to the usual vegetable salad.

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