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Tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese, recipes with photos

In my opinion, summer is not only a wonderful season of abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, but also time for dietary meals;) And one of the recipes of such a dish I want to share with you today, dear reader Alimero.

It seems to me that any stuffed vegetables, be they fresh or baked in the oven – it is always tasty. And if these vegetables are also dietary, then they are twice as tasty;)

For example, today’s recipe – tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese, according to my calculations, contain only 70 calories per 100 grams. But their low calorie content does not affect their taste – they are very tasty, bright and healthy. In general, I share the recipe so you can see for yourself;)

Time for preparing – 15 minutes.

Complexity – very easy.

To make tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese, I needed these products:

Stuffed tomatoes with a teaspoon, top decorated with parsley. She put lettuce leaves on plates, put tomatoes and called a favorite to have breakfast;)

In the village in the open air, in the garden with blooming lilies, where our dinner table stands, such a breakfast is just a buzz!

I wish you bon appetite too!

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