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Squashes in sesame batter, recipes with photos

Well, not only is it autumn in the courtyard, so my favorite sunny vegetables are also running out of time – pebbles.

The last crop of squash we collected from her mother-in-law and brought home. In general, this year there were not very many of them, so there were no problems where to put them. On the contrary, there were more ideas than opportunities to implement them. I hope that next year the squash will also grow in our garden 🙂

In general, today I decided to fry the scallops in batter. In sesame batter. This idea was thrown to me by my husband – he loves sesame very much and adds it wherever possible. It turned out very tasty and unusual.

So, the squash in sesame batter.

The difficulty is minimal

Cooking time – 30-45 minutes on average

To prepare patissons in sesame batter you will need the following products:

    Now each piece of squash dipped in an egg.
    Then breaded cheese and sesame.
    Laid out on a hot frying pan (in which pre-poured vegetable oil).

    Fried on one side on medium heat. Then the fire turned it down to a minimum, turned the scallops on the second side and covered it with a lid.

    That’s all, delicious fried squash in sesame batter ready!
    By the way, on the same principle, zucchini is also very tasty.

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