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Squashes in batter, recipes with photos

To be honest, before this summer I had never eaten scallops and certainly never cooked them. And in vain, because it turned out, this is a very tasty vegetable.

This year we ventured to plant the scallops in the garden and have already harvested several things.

And my first culinary experiment with them turned out to be very successful – hot they scattered right away.

So, if you have so far bypassed these sympathizers, I suggest fixing it and preparing them according to today’s recipe – in batter. Moreover, they are cooked easily and very tasty are obtained.

Time for preparing – about 45 minutes.

For cooking patissons in batter I needed such products:

Fried from both sides to a beautiful rosy color on fire, slightly less than the average.
When she was spreading the already fried scallops from the pan on a plate, then each layer was poured with dill and garlic *.

* It is better to adjust the amount of garlic to your taste – for me 2 cloves is quite enough, but if you are a lover of garlic, then try adding a little more.
All the pumpkins in batter ready! You can call the family to the table 🙂
In general, I love the scallops. They look so funny that it is a pleasure to work with them 🙂 And they also taste very good. So I recommend you this cheerful vegetable;)

Good appetite!

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