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Squash for the winter with spices, recipes with photos

I really like the preservation with spices. Once a friend treated me to canned cucumbers with cinnamon. It was so unusual, but so tasty!

But there is one problem – with seams I have a complicated relationship. I really do not like to do them. Especially in the conditions of his apartment. In addition, all possible and impossible roll up either in-law, or we, when we are with them in the procurement period. Firstly, the size of their kitchens allows them to do all this without tension, and secondly, everything is their own, and you don’t have to struggle to drag products from the market.

But nevertheless, be that as it may, every year I always roll up scallops and tomatoes at home. Why them? Because my father-in-law does not bother with the squash at all, they put them in a box and give them to us. And the tomatoes, which are harvested by the mother-in-law, I just do not like the taste, so I roll them in my own way. But we will talk about them next time, and today I want to tell you about canned scallops with spices.

Last year I shared the recipe for canned squash in the most usual way. And I risked one jar to roll up with spices for a sample (bearing in mind unusual cucumbers with cinnamon). It turned out that it was very tasty, so this year I have already closed off more of these stencils.

Complexity – no more difficult than making any other vegetable canned food

Cooking time – it took me about 2 hours

For the preparation of patissons for the winter you will need (based on 1 l can):

    For brine 1 l can need (I measure the whole 100-gram pile):

    – 1/3 pile of sugar
    – 1/3 pile of salt
    – 1/3 pile of vinegar

    Cooking process

    Banks I sterilized in the oven. Caps boiled.

    Prepared spices and herbs. At the bottom of the jars laid out bay leaf, garlic, peppercorns, parsley. She poured mustard seeds.

    And coriander.
    Squashes washed and cut into 6 parts approximately (I had small ones).
    Put it tightly to about half the jar. Then added another clove of garlic, a branch of parsley, bay leaf.

    Laid out the remaining scallops to the top of the banks.

    Boil water in a large saucepan. Filled with boiling water cans with patissons, covered with lids and left to stand for 15-20 minutes.

    If the water in the pot is still there, pour it out completely, since I need the amount of water that fit in the jars.

    In the meantime, put on fire a second pot of water. After 20 minutes, poured water from the cans, poured a second portion of freshly boiled water. And again left already for 10 minutes.

    In the meantime, the water drained from the squash once again brought to a boil, sprinkled salt and sugar. Vinegar poured directly into the jar. Rolled up.*

    * I brought the necessary ingredients per 1 liter jar. But I had, for example, 2 one-liter cans, and 1 half-liter. Therefore, the amount of salt and sugar should be calculated on the basis of the number of rolled cans.

    She turned the cans down with covers and covered them with a blanket. Left to cool.
    That’s all, the sunny summer squash for the winter with spices ready!
    Have a nice

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