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Salted tomatoes, recipes with photos

What could be better than salted tomatoes in cold winter evenings? This appetizer is a must-have attribute of any feast, many housewives use such tomatoes as a base for borscht and sauces for meat and noodles.

I draw your attention to the fact that these are not pickled, but salted tomatoes – an analogue of pickled tomatoes in barrels, which are cooked in large quantities in the villages, and in winter they are sold in markets by weight.

I love tomatoes spicy and with an abundance of spices, especially I like the aroma and flavor of dry dill (stalks and seeds), horseradish and black pepper. If you do not like the abundance of seasonings, I advise you to reduce the amount from the specified in the recipe.

So, we will need:

Ripe intact tomatoes of small and medium size
Greens – dill, leaves and horseradish root, black currant
Salt, black and allspice peas

Tomatoes are thoroughly washed, peeled from the stalks, we select the cracked and rotted fruit.

At the bottom of clean cans (I take three-liter) we put greens and spices. There is no sense to sterilize jars for such a preservation method, because, firstly, with your non-sterile hand you put completely non-sterile vegetables in them; and secondly, the brine is used cold, not boiling water.

So, cut into large pieces of horseradish leaves. On one jar, I take 4 small sheets – 2 at the bottom, 2 under the cover.

Horseradish root – this is an optional ingredient, but it is he who gives tomatoes a pleasant spiciness, which I love so much. Enough small amount to the bottom of the jar.

Peel the garlic, if the cloves are small, they can be used entirely. If large – cut into halves. They say that if you grind them too much, the brine will be cloudy, but I have never been like this.

On the bank, I take one large head. As with greens – half to the bottom, half under the cover.

Dill usually use inflorescences and stems, and I like dry inflorescences, they have a slightly different flavor, which directly affects the taste of tomatoes.

The currant leaves (7 pieces on the jar) are washed and laid on the bottom, they are responsible for the flavor.

There we also throw several peas of black and fragrant pepper.

Then we start laying tomatoes. To make the can look more aesthetic, it is necessary to stack them in such a way that the trace from the stem is directed inside the container.

When the jar is almost filled with fruit, we put the remaining greens, garlic and pepper.

Now we are preparing the pickle – you will need 3 tablespoons of salt in a three-liter jar, there is no clear amount of liquid, this indicator depends on how tightly you put the tomatoes.

For starters, I usually dissolve salt in 0.5 liters of water, gently pouring it into the jar. In the same bowl (in case the salt is not completely dissolved), I pour the water again and refill it until it reaches the neck of the jar.

We close the jar with a capron lid, gently turn it over several times so that the brine is well mixed and set up in a cool place before winter.

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