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Polenta with caramel, apple and onion, recipes with photos

Polenta is an Italian dish, which is a corn porridge, to which very often add various vegetables, fruits, fish or cheese.

Polenta is very popular in northern Italy. At first it was prepared by peasants, but over time they began to put additives in polenta. And polenta began to be served even in expensive restaurants.

Today I want to tell the recipe of cooking polenta with a very interesting taste with caramel, apple and onion.

Time for preparing: 25-30 minutes.

The difficulty of cooking: simple.

Ingredients for cooking 4 servings:

First we need to boil the corn porridge. Put the corn grits in a small saucepan. We wash it in running cold water. Add to the cereal incomplete tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. Pour water and turn on the stove. After a couple of minutes, porridge boils. It is necessary to stir from time to time. Keep in mind that corn porridge spits when cooked, so it is better to cover it with a lid, otherwise the whole cooker will be in it.

When the porridge is cooked, it must be instantly shifted to a rectangular shape, because it quickly freezes. And after cooling it can be cut into portions. If you do not have a rectangular shape, then you can leave it in a saucepan, only then you need to gently shake it and cut it.

Now clean the onions and cut into cubes.

Lubricate the pan with sunflower oil and lay onions on it. Turn on the stove.

Then wash the apple and also chop it with chopsticks.

Add an apple to the bow. Onions and apples should be the same amount. Add some salt. If desired, you can add mustard. But I don’t really like polenta with mustard, so I don’t add it.

Stew apples with onions until golden brown.

Now we cut the cooled corn porridge into rectangles and put them on a platter of two rectangles per serving. We put our apples with onions to porridge.

Now we need to melt the sugar. This is done simply. Sugar can be melted right in the spoon, heating it over the hob, or in a small enameled cup. Simply pour the sugar into the cup, heat and stir. And then, when the sugar is completely melted and brown, pour it on our polenta. Too much sugar should not be used, otherwise frozen sugar will crunch hard.

Polenta is very interesting and unusual. It combines salty and sweet-sour taste.

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