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Liver with wine and pepper, recipes with photos

My mother can prepare the liver in such a way that even the most ardent skeptics pile up at her feet. I do not know, to my mother’s, or liver, but that fall – a fact.
This recipe is from branded. And from adults, because in the composition there is alcohol. Yes, it evaporates in the process, but the presence itself does not give me the right to recommend this recipe to people under 18 years of age. So keep in mind!

The day before my husband and I had a small family holiday, from the category, those that are for two. And we allowed ourselves to open a bottle of good red wine. The wine is not finished. Here is bad luck! However, I had chicken liver in the fridge. It all came together. I decided to make chicken liver with wine.


    She cleaned the Bulgarian pepper and basically cut it with rings.
    Mandatory program completed. Getting to the floor exercise.

    In oil, fry onions, it should turn yellow. Yellowed? Add Bulgarian pepper, bring to the soft. Now is the time of the star – the liver. Quickly, on a strong fire, I seal all the juices in the liver.

    Now you can salt and pepper.

    Now what? Now it’s wine time, pour in and stir well. I add a bay leaf, I have fresh, only slightly dried – my husband was brought from Abkhazia, but I use it to the fullest.
    I evaporate the wine, not to dry the pan, to the friable, fragrant sauce. I evaporate, constantly stirring, it is about 7 minutes.

    You can eat. I eat such a liver just like that, without any special garnish, with a crust of bread. It tastes good to me! My husband can additionally crumble tomatoes. For obvious reasons, I still do not give this to my son and cat. Although the cat, I confess, I asked.

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