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Lean vegetable stew with oyster mushrooms, recipes with photos

The whole world, and I, too, is waiting for Easter! Today is the penultimate day of fasting. Strict fasting. But on food, which should be eaten without cooking, few can stand. I offer an amazingly satisfying dish without adding oil.

Hearty and in terms of saturation, and in terms of obtaining nutrients. I must say that supplements rarely want. But to repeat the meal, and more than once, I would like to dinner. And at lunch. It does not even feel that everything is cooked without oil!

Time for preparing: 15-20 minutes (it all depends on the number of servings – I cook for myself, boil-soar all 5 minutes, plus slicing 5 minutes)

Complexity: almost zero!

I must say that it is necessary to cut all the vegetables quickly. If not all at once to put, then at least when 3-4 components will be ready for processing.

First we cut celery (the stem is desirable).

Eggplant will give us taste and excellent, and a hearty dish will do. Anyway, this is one of those ingredients that bring many benefits and vitamins.

Then nastroyem leeks. These are products that do not change from contact with air.

Bulgarian pepper I had large. Because cut thin across, and then once more cut them.

I was lucky to buy garlic not with teeth, but with a round head. I really like this variety. Not only taste, by the way. Conveniently – cleaned and cut!

I had a big tomato too. Here it is not so important to keep the form – the tomato will add spiciness to the dish. Cut into pieces.

Oyster mushrooms – tender, tasty, healthy … Of these, recently cooked soup. And then I added to the stew to feed the body with protein. Cut arbitrarily.

That’s all. We cut down cauliflower and green onions. Put the pan on the fire. Heat it, water the bottom (to cover the bottom). If you want, you can add spices.

We pour out the whole mixture. Bring to a boil. Cover with a lid, reducing the heat, cook for 5-7 minutes.

Not to say how tasty it was to eat such a cute sandwich!

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