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Cucumbers with turmeric and mustard Spicy, recipes with photos

In the American kitchen such cucumbers are used to make burgers, sandwiches and sandwiches. This piece of cucumber is known as Pikuli. It can be used as an independent snack.

Season blanks in full swing. Surely you have already pickled enough and pickled cucumbers for the winter. Do not be lazy and cook a couple of jars with Pikuli. A bright, yellow color dish gives turmeric. Mustard seeds complement the sweet and sour marinade and give the snack a savory taste.

To prepare cucumbers with turmeric and mustard seeds you will need the following products:

Degree of difficulty: easy

Wash cucumbers well, cut off the tips and cut into circles, at least five millimeters thick.

Cut the red hot pepper, remove the seeds.

After boiling, boil the mixture until the color of the cucumbers changes. Cooking time depends on the volume, about 7-10 minutes is enough. If the volume is large, stir it often, but carefully so as not to disturb the integrity of the cucumbers. When the cucumbers evenly change color, the snack can be laid out on the banks. Sterilize the jars beforehand in a convenient way for you, this can be done steamed or in the microwave. Sterilize the lid by filling with boiling water.

Arrange the preparation of cucumbers together with the marinade over prepared cans, roll up sterile lids and turn upside down. Wrap a blanket or blanket and leave to cool.

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