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Milk shake with melon and ice cream, recipes with photos

Milkshakes I love since childhood! Probably, now I often do them not even because of the taste, but exactly those memories that warm the soul and involuntarily create a good mood;)

This time, when I got a melon, for some reason my first thought came about a cocktail, and not just to eat it)) However, I managed both, because I needed only 250 g for a drink. Else It was cut into pieces and served a separate delicacy 🙂

So, the ingredients for a cocktail:

Melon washed, peeled, cut into small pieces.

Translated into a tall glass, filled with milk.

This also poured liquor. Used the one that cooked herself – coffee.

Transformed the entire contents of the glass with a blender into a homogeneous mass. Beat for 15-20 seconds at maximum speed.

Poured into glasses.

Wafer from the ice cream cut diagonally.

Put a sharp tip in a cocktail.

Using the ice cream spoon, I made two hemispheres from the ice cream.

Put them on a cocktail with a waffle.

Decorated with cranberries. By the way, I like it not only as a decoration. It is very useful and pleasant in small quantities – sour and bursting with fun)) In my opinion, a sliced ​​strawberry would also look good here!

That’s all! You can treat your welcome guest with a pleasant drink, enjoy a cozy evening and warm memories! 😉

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