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Milk-banana cocktail with strawberries, recipes with photos

I vaguely remember my childhood. In my memory there are only some episodes that are mainly associated with pleasant memories. I remember a dairy shop, where an aunt poured sour cream into cans for her customers with a red jug. I remembered her, because then I first bought sour cream from her for the first time.

And I also remember the soda from the automat that stood near the department store. Dad always bought himself a mug of kvass, and I had a glass of soda to cool in the summer heat.

By the way, one more memory from childhood … I once walked with my mother near the hotel, where they just made a new asphalt. I was wearing new sandals that I liked very much. I just fluttered in this new thing with happiness. In general, in the summer, the new asphalt warmed up, I stepped on this coating and stuck my sole to the resin. I had to throw away new sandals, because it was impossible to wash them off from the resin.

And I also remember Lakomka, where they served milkshakes. Gypsum gnomes sat on the walls, holding lamp-lights in their hands. Each of them was somehow special, and I liked to find differences and look at them. The walls were painted on the plots of Soviet cartoons. People came, drank milk drinks and looked happy.

Now there is no Lakomki, and instead of a cocktail you can buy only a milk shake at McDonalds for a child. For my son, I make a delicious milkshake that tastes like a drink from my childhood. I doubt that in those days they made it with a banana, but as a thickener, this fruit proved to be excellent.

For the preparation of milky-banana cocktail with strawberries such products are necessary:

    Time for preparing: 10-15 minutes
    The difficulty of cooking: very easy

    Banana will be a thickener. We clear two bananas from the peel and break them into several parts.

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