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Vegetable appetizer, recipes with photos

When I saw this dish at a party, I wanted to call it potatoes. By the type of cakes, remember? And when I tried, I could not understand for a long time, what is more – a salad or side dish. After decided – let it be two in one. The main thing is not the form, but the content.

I also like in this recipe that the products can also vary. That is, each time – a new accent, without taste. If you decorate it. It can be festive and immediately attract attention. Yes, in a word, and this beauty is delicious, and multifunctional. And nourishing, and easy to cook. And what do we need? Right. You can think up something original yourself!

Time for preparing: 40 minutes

Complexity: yes, there is a little – to blind these balls so that they survive and do not fall apart!

In fact, there are no eggs on the recipe of the original. But I’m not me, if not experiment. And it turned out well – both taste and satiety did not suffer! Finely crumbled. Connect potatoes and eggs – let them cool.

With a fresh cucumber have not tried. By the way, a good idea for a summer snack of this kind. I put salty. The accent was correct. Rubbed on a coarse grater.

And we will also determine the location of the dislocation – to the potatoes and the egg, so they quickly get into each other.

Spicy spices would also go here. But now summer is real green time. I had parsley and dill. I wanted to cut more, so no – then they will overshadow everything else. Because grind, without fanaticism – with a tablespoon in total.

Now garlic is fresh and cool everywhere! Clean up Let’s wash. Grind. How? I think the smaller the better.

And after we combine it with crumbled greens (we will leave the papillon of greenery – we have it).

Add sour cream to them. And mix. I still poured a mixture of peppers. With this we fill our snack, which exactly can be called two in one – that is, both a snack and a side dish.

We have everything collected in the plate. It remains only to pour a lot of dressing cream-green-garlic.

Tip: fill in so that the mass is not liquid! And now our task is not just to mix everything. It is important to blind such neat balls – to fit in the palm of your hand.

Wow and roll the balls. In what? Of course, in something bright. I had red bell pepper. That shredded melenko.

Mixing pepper with herbs, we get a kind of breading. In it, and roll balls.

You look at it all and the temptation is one – you would rather try it! If you try and think out something else for the decor, you can put it on the holiday table. By the way, you can submit like this, in sour cream. It’s like two birds with one stone to kill. After all, she softens the taste of this sharp little dish!

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