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Unusually delicious snack marinated oyster mushrooms, recipes with photos

I recently saw a very appetizing recipe for making oyster mushrooms… And so I wanted to repeat it, that I immediately bought a pack of these wonderful fresh mushrooms, in order to surprise my husband with a new tasty dish in the evening.

In order to successfully prepare this delicious snack of oyster mushrooms, you and I will need only:

The complexity of this recipe: everything is simple to indecency

How much time is needed: about 15 minutes and an hour or two to marinate

The course of action proposed during cooking:

So, the mushrooms. Immediately I want to say that I practice not washing oyster mushrooms, unlike champignons – it is better to just wipe them gently with a soft sponge so that they do not absorb excess moisture.

Sponge-rubbed mushrooms we now cut into slices. You can determine their size, of course, yourself, but in this case, as for me, it is preferable that they be bigger – it will still decrease during the heat treatment.

Next, cut thin slices of garlic.

Chop the washed and dried parsley.

We put the frying pan on medium-high fire, heat the vegetable oil in it, and then spread the sliced ​​oyster mushrooms. Immediately we slightly pepper and fry the mushrooms until they turn red.

Spread chopped garlic to the mushrooms.

Then we send finely chopped greens.

Immediately let off a pinch of salt, mix everything well and keep the pan on fire for just a couple of minutes.

After that, roasted mushrooms with garlic and herbs are put in a deep pan and balsamic vinegar is added to them. Stir again.

A bowl of mushrooms should be an hour or two away in the fridge for marinating.

The appetizer turned out just canceled, I tell you – my husband and I really liked it!

Cook with pleasure!

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