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Snack with cod liver recipes with photos

I enjoy cooking a variety of snacks – to make them according to popular recipes or to invent them yourself. I remember that since childhood I began to attract canapes and, in general, everything small, interesting and tasty;)

In my refrigerator a jar of cod liver has long been adorned. I took care of her for some special occasion. And now he has come. So was born my today’s recipe!

Level of difficulty: low

Time for preparing: 35-40 minutes

The only ingredient in this appetizer that needs heat treatment is quail eggs. Therefore, in the first place I set them to cook. In principle, it’s enough five minutes after boiling water. But I love quail eggs, so chicken cooks for a very long time. Quail also removed from fire only after 20 minutes.

Put cod liver in a bowl, knead it with a fork.

I took a cookie I liked – Crispy French cracker with sesame. The amount of cod liver needed depends on the size of the cookies and the layer thickness.

I have a cracker a little more than a matchbox. I did the middle layer, although it can be thinner, since still, cod liver taste is very rich. In the end, I got 20 pieces.

Dill washed, removed the stems and ground. Strengthened their stuffing.

Hard boiled quail eggs cooled and cleaned. For me, this is the most boring part in cooking)) In view of the small size, cleaning quail eggs is less convenient than chicken eggs.

Each egg was cut in half lengthwise. Laid on the fennel diagonally and slightly on the flank 🙂

I found the smallest leaves from a bunch of parsley and sent them to cut the eggs, without closing the whole yolks.

In this form, the snack can already be served!

However, I decided on some addition. I love both olives and olives. The last, perhaps, more than the first. But, as I have repeatedly noticed on other dishes, not all my friends treat these wonderful fruits with the same sympathy)) That is why I decorated only half of the starters with ringlets.

I hope that this recipe will also appeal to you, dear readers! 😉

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