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Snack for all occasions, recipes with photos

Yes, yes, you only try one such boat, and you will understand that this snack will be a great addition to any table. She is not one of those that are particularly saturated. Although, if you prepare more such facilities at once, you can get an enviable breakfast and even dinner – tasty and safe in terms of excess weight, because this is a dietary dish.

I have obtained four such boats from the products indicated in the recipe. This option is ideal if guests suddenly came to you, and you have tartlets. True, you do not know how to fill them and how to decorate. As you can see, such a quick and convenient option for snacks is just perfect for any occasion.

By the way, can serve as an option for the design of the New Year’s table. Is it possible to sprinkle everything not with cheese, but, say, coconut flakes, so that it seems as if a boat with a nice sail and a tasty load was covered with snow.

Time for preparing: exactly 5 minutes!

Complexity: if it were not for the fineness of the sail, which must be learned to achieve, everything would be too easy


I admit, this recipe, like many others, was born spontaneously. There was cottage cheese. In such an amount, 100 g, especially you will not accelerate. So I decided to use it for the filling.

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