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Salmon appetizer, recipes with photos

How to please home? Easy! Especially when it comes to snacks. We have in the fridge always on hand vegetables and eggs, cheese and greens. And I love that there are stocks of different fish – starting with canned food, ending with salted and fresh. My frequent guest is salmon. I know a shop where it is always fresh or elegantly salted.

Today, thinking that from it and to prepare for it, I decided to conduct an experiment. Make fresh salmon and to it – vegetables with stuffed egg. So to say, three in one! It has been decided – done … Here we are with you and we will undertake the preparation of a delicious and elegant snack. She is not ashamed to submit to the festive table.

In the recipe, I give the number of ingredients per serving. In your will – double, triple, etc.

Egg – 1pcs
Cucumber – 1 pc
Tomato – 1 pc
Cheese – 35 g
Sprats – 1 fish
Salt, pepper and spices – to taste
Sour cream – 0.5. tsp

Here are the products from which we will now prepare a delicious appetizer with salmon.

First, put the egg to boil and pickle the salmon – sprinkle it, sprinkle with dried or fresh dill and parsley, favorite spices and sprinkle with olive oil. Leave aside.

Cut the cucumber into long slices.

We also cut the tomato. so he looked beautiful on a platter.

Let cool the egg, clean and cut it in half, stuff it with yolk mixed with mashed sprat, fresh herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Decorate with greens.

Put on the fire pot with water. When it boils, send the fish to steam.

If you have a double boiler – the task is simplified. I have a special device, which I put in the cassette, cover with a lid, and the fish will be cooked no worse than in the double boiler.

And now we will begin to lay out the products on the plate – stuffed egg, around – vegetables (salt and pepper them and sprinkle with butter), and opposite the eggs – ready-made salmon.

Natrem cheese on fine terochke.

And sprinkle them our snack. During the meal, all this is mixed with juice, which will let the vegetables and fish. Do not forget to decorate with parsley or dill.

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