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Quail eggs, recipes with photos

Dear cooks Alimero! I think you will support me in the fact that we make snacks not only so that there is something to stop the worm. We want the table to decorate not only the tablecloth))

This time I decided to make a snack not only delicious, but also nutritious, and attract attention. So.

Level of difficulty: below the average

Cooking time: 50 minutes

I decided not to start with quail eggs. They will need to fry, and it takes only a couple of minutes. Therefore, the first thing I did was the basis of appetizers – pancakes, but not simple, but garlic.

For this, I broke two eggs. They squeezed garlic through a press, ground the mixture of peppers and put salt in it.

Whisk this mixture with a whisk so that the bulk ingredients and garlic are well dispersed. Infused kefir.

And already to this mass sifted flour. I decided not to use the traditional premium, and the second and, moreover, coarse grinding. Such flour is more useful both in terms of health and in terms of shape;)

Stir the dough and heat the pan with butter. Laid on her future pancakes, giving them the usual form and quite standard size.

Has baked them all. As a result, they will turn pieces 12-14. Excess can be eaten without everything, just for a try;)

In order not to waste time while frying the pancakes on both sides, I washed the lettuce leaves under cold water and dried them on a napkin.

Finally came the turn of quail eggs directly. I roasted them with eggs. It is better to fry everything separately, but I have some landed side by side and formed a couple. However, to separate them was not difficult for me.

Only the assembly remains.

For each garlic pancake laid out a leaf of lettuce (cut it off to create the desired size), and already sent it with a quail egg.

Voila! You can serve! 😉

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