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Original cheese appetizer with lemon, recipes with photos

When a friend for her birthday gave this snack to the table, everyone looked at the dish with bewilderment and even apprehension. But after the first test, they left the usual salads and relished the unusual, but such exquisite yummy with pleasure. Try it! Cooking is quick and easy.

It’s funny that a variety of legends come about this recipe: someone claims that Nicholas II disguised cognac as tea, and so that the appetizer didn’t arouse suspicion on anyone, he made such similarity of sandwiches, wincing at alleged lemon acid.

Someone thinks such a snack is French. Some will refine the recipe by adding chopped nuts or ground coffee. Sometimes grated chocolate is involved. I will give the basis of the recipe. I like it and so – without additional additives.

Takes a lemon, scalded with boiling water. This is necessary because we leave the peel uncleaned, and in order to avoid germs and other chemicals on the surface of the peel, a brief but high-temperature treatment is necessary.

We cut into thin slices, take out the bones.

Once again we divide each lobule into 4 parts (of course, it can be made smaller, but for uniformity and beauty of appearance, it is better to make identical quarters).

Now it’s cheese.

We cut into plates about 2 cm thick.

Similarly, the slices are cut into strips, and finally the last cut will give us cubes, which we will use further.

We put on each piece of cheese a slice of lemon wedges.

The next action – pour sugar on lemon wedges. We do this just before serving, because the sugar melts pretty quickly under the influence of lemon juice and the dish will not be so beautiful, although, of course, it will remain tasty.

And the last thing – we stick in skewers or simple toothpicks in order to make it convenient to take on things. Done! I tried this snack for cognac, just for tea and coffee. The taste of cheese softens the sharpness of lemon and even the crust, which usually remains unnecessary, goes with a bang.

Take only two products, spend 10 minutes and surprise guests with an unexpected combination. Enjoy your meal!

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