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Cucumber Snacks Boats, recipes with photos

In the summertime, snacks are very good. With the recipe of one of them and I want to introduce you today.

This appetizer is made on the basis of cucumbers. This is the most common and healthy vegetable that nutritionists recommend eating every day. Cucumbers are very low-calorie, so they won’t add extra kilos to you.

And I offer a very simple but tasty filling for cucumbers. The combination of cottage cheese, sour cream and eggs is the best for juicy cucumber.

When I first cooked it, my friends were pleasantly surprised by this combination. The snack was very refreshing and satisfying.

To prepare, I take the following products:

By the time cooking takes about 15 minutes, and there is no difficulty.

So, the first thing I prepared cucumbers. For this snack tried to pick them the same size and thickness. I recommend to take not small, but medium cucumbers, but definitely young.

I cut them in half.

A small spoon neatly chose the middle. Excess juice, which was formed, leaked.

Then boiled eggs. Milled them, added the curd.

Added parsley and a spoonful of sour cream.

Salted a little and mixed well. The filling is ready.

With a teaspoon I made ready cucumber boats. Still decorated with greenery and served. As you can see, nothing intricate, but the taste is very light and refreshing.

Good appetite. Hope the recipe comes in handy!

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