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Amazing cheese stars: you can’t think of a snack better, recipes with photos

These wonderful cheese stars are perfect as a snack for a festive table. Naturally, they can be prepared not only for a holiday, but, for example, for ordinary evening get-togethers with friends. A huge plus of this recipe is its simplicity – a lot of time and ingredients for cooking will not be required.

Preparation time: 10-12 minutes

Time for preparing: 15 minutes

Output: 20 stars

1. To begin, roll out the dough, then sprinkle one half of the sheet thoroughly with cheese. Just do not use all the cheese – leave about 1/3 of the total. Now fold the dough sheet in half, closing the cheese.

2. Take some flour, sprinkle with a rolling pin and work surface, and then put the dough on it. Now your task – how to flatten it! Roll out the dough again to double it.

3. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and cover the baking sheet with parchment.

4. Cut out the stars. If there are appropriate molds – great, use them. If not, then do it with a knife. Cut asterisks as close as possible to each other to save the dough. If you have a lot of scrap, roll them into a ball, then re-roll into a layer and make more stars.

5. Mix the remaining cheese with milk and anoint this mass with a future snack. Sprinkle with sesame, oregano, or something else – experiments are welcome!

6. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until the asterisks become a beautiful golden color. Now put them on the dish and serve them!

Tip: store cheese stars in an airtight container for no more than 3 days.

In one cheese star contains:

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