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Sandwiches with sprats and eggs, recipes with photos

Such sandwiches with sprats and eggs – this is a very tasty, simple and quick snack that can be prepared in minutes.

I love this version of sandwiches with these canned fish for their unusual taste. Therefore, always, when I think about what boutiques with sprats think of, half a can of money goes to this option, but with the second half I can already dream up a can.

Such sandwiches are good for a quick, satisfying and tasty snack. And often this recipe helps me out in those cases where there is absolutely no time and energy, but I need to urgently figure out something to eat. Therefore, in the stock in the fridge, I always have a bank of sprats for such moments.

Complexity – everything is quite simple and easy

Time for preparing – no more than 5 minutes (provided that the eggs are already cooked)

How to cook sandwiches with sprats and eggs:

So, cut bread. Rather, I used the buns – those that are 3 kopecks. The fact is that it was my mother who taught me how to make sandwiches when I was 12 years old, and they always prepared with these buns. So much tastier than if you use regular bread.

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