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Sandwiches with cottage cheese, cucumber and wild garlic, recipes with photos

These sandwiches came into the world quite by accident, but it all started with what I saw selling bread and flax, which I was so fond of through the monitor, thanks to Tatyana’s topic … I came home and realized that I also wanted to build a sandwich with him.

I got the most sandwiches that spring is – young parsley, fragrant ramson, fresh crisp cucumber … For satiety, I decided to use fresh cottage cheese and boiled chicken eggs in advance. It turned out very fresh and very juicy! Want to try?

To make these spring sandwiches we need:

The complexity of the recipe: the most minimal

Time for making sandwiches: literally 15 minutes

The sequence of our actions with you:

Here, everything to the disgrace is simple – you need to prepare the curd paste with all of the above components (well, except for the cucumber), smear the bread with it and decorate with cucumber rings.

To cook the curd paste, I decided to rub the cottage cheese through a sieve, although you can simply get along with kneading with a fork.

After the manipulation of the cottage cheese, we will deal with eggs – we let them in on a fine grater and send them to the cottage cheese.

Now we take on the greens – and parsley, and garlic, wash the most thoroughly, obsushivaem and grind – chop melenko knife. Sent to the eggs and cottage cheese.

Let the salt and carefully mix everything.

Slices of bread are now spread with pasta and decorated with cucumber slices – both for a cheerful crunch and for a spring mood. If you wish, you can still top with black freshly ground pepper.

These are the sandwiches we have turned out! Enjoy your meal!

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