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Quick hot sandwich – creamy taste is just great, recipes with photos

Quickly. Yummy. Hearty. Simply. This is in a few words. Oh, how I would like to hear your oohs and ahs when you try this delicious, and not some casual snacks.

After all, you too often hurry to work. And for breakfast – nothing. Then hastily somewhere intercepted, buying something on the street. But you can do yourself a chic snack for home or office meal in just 15 minutes!

Cream cheese will dominate this recipe. He is so satisfying. It is so delicious. And in general, with which only it does not fit. And today’s recipe, which I want to offer lovers a tasty and quick meal, from the same series.

Suitable for homemade meals, and for snacking at work, in nature, on the road, etc.

Time for preparing: 15-20 minutes

Complexity: Super easy!

Ingredients for 1 serving:


We immediately put the pan on the stove to not lose time! And here they are, pieces of bread for toast. I like it, because everything is equal, no need to cut it. If you do not, thinly cut any other bread or loaf.

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