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Hot sandwiches with cheese and tomatoes, recipes with photos

I have certain habits and traditions that I enjoy. For example, on a day off, I always cook sandwiches for breakfast.

And today is no exception. While brewing my coffee, I managed to make my favorite hot boutiques with cheese. I really like melted, hot, crusty cheese. Mmmm …

I also added tomatoes and dill, which I also like very much in combination with hot cheese. And olives, which gave a special flavor to boutiques.

In general, some quite ordinary products, and as a result – a delicious coffee boutique. And gastronomic pleasure. And a great mood 🙂 Well, and a boutique photo session, as without it;)

The complexity is elementary

Cooking time – 5 minutes

To make cheese and tomato sandwiches you need the following products:

    Sliced ​​bread. I took one of my favorites – black with seeds.

    I dried my bread slices on a dry frying pan on both sides.

    Then she rubbed bread with a clove of garlic, also on both sides. I like a light garlic flavor in sandwiches, so I almost always rub garlic on bread when it is appropriate, and even when it is not very appropriate 🙂
    Butter buttered, but not very thick, I’m still watching the figure. Well, for the figure of her husband at the same time;)
    On the butter put dill.
    Then circles sliced ​​olives.

    Covered with slices of tomatoes.
    And on top of the tomatoes rubbed cheese.
    She put the whole structure on a plate and sent it to the microwave for 1 minute at a power of 800 W. Although, with the same success, sandwiches can be baked in the oven.

    A minute later (just during this time, the cheese melted well) took out the sandwiches from the microwave, decorated it with parsley leaves, and invited her favorite breakfast.
    Enjoy your meal!

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