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Hot pita sandwich recipes with photos

I present to you a hot sandwich. He reminds me a little pizza. I love these sweets even more than sweet. It’s nice to eat such a sandwich for breakfast and dinner.

Pita – one of the main components of a small pizza. I remember when they started selling they didn’t immediately realize what wonderful things you can cook with the help of a rather convenient flat cake.

This cake is hollow inside, it can be eaten cold. But personally, I like roast much more, despite the fact that it is not so useful.

Ingredients can be adjusted to suit your tastes. Ketchup, for example, replace with your favorite sauce, add more vegetables, if you like any greens, and you can not fry at all.

Degree of difficulty:
Time for preparing: 15 minutes.

First of all, cut off a small edge of the cakes.

The pellet is hollow, only you need to slightly open it from the inside. I do it carefully with a knife.

Lubricate the dough inside the cake with ketchup or another sauce to your taste.

Further, everything is quite simple: we cut sausage / ham into small squares.

Pour them into our open cake. The next step, cut cucumbers.

Cucumbers add to our ham. Next, cut the cheese into squares.

Cheese is also added to the tortilla. Now, you should gently mix our ingredients inside the tortillas, or the second option is to mix them separately and put them in a tortilla.

With a thin piece of pita, which we cut off first, we cover the hole we cut back (I do this in order not to lose the ingredients; and I can still get out the cheese)

Fry in a heated pan with 2 sides.

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