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Delicious and healthy sandwiches with feta and radish, recipes with photos

This very easy-to-prepare snack can rightfully become your favorite not only for a small snack or picnic, but also for a wonderful wholesome breakfast! And I was convinced of this just today – that is why I hurried with the recipe so that each of you could appreciate this amazing combination of products!

For In order to prepare these amazingly light, tasty and refreshing sandwiches for 1 portion for a snack, you and I should prepare:

How much time is needed: no more than 10 minutes

The difficulty of making such a snack: everything is simple

The algorithm of the proposed actions during the preparation of these wonderful and tasty sandwiches:

First, we need to take some feta – we will simply break it off from the big bar, since we will still chop it anyway.

Next, add a bit of sour cream to the cheese – I traditionally used homemade.

We let in some fresh and fragrant finely chopped dill.

And we literally add a teaspoon of French mustard – for a light and very pertinent note of piquancy.

Now carefully rub everything with a fork.

Now let’s take a radish – you need to wash it well, trim the tails, and then put it on a large string.

At the next stage, the slices of delicious rye bread, we generously grease the cheese mass with dill and French mustard.

And on top of a thick layer lay out just rubbed fresh radish.

Before serving such a bright and appetizing snack on the table, there will not be an extra sprig of fresh greens – for example, parsley.

Here’s a sandwich and ready. Immediately I want to assure you that it is incredibly tasty, and also – it is useful, simple and very beautiful!

Cook with pleasure!

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