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Smoked mackerel salad, recipes with photos

I have already told that my husband does not eat my kind salted fish. And I’m with him too.
No, it’s not that I support the spouse in everything (I support, but in matters of fish, our opinions diverge categorically), but I don’t eat the whole fish alone. and the last piece is being pushed in the bowels of the refrigerator until it finishes its way in the trash can.

And you remember that I have very rarely something edible is not used, I have such passions as a knife to the heart!

What is it for me? And the fact that at the May holiday I wanted smoked mackerel. So much so that spitting on the inevitable remnants, I asked my husband to buy it for me. Bought? Bought. I was satisfied with 3 (to admit big) pieces, there was a tail. Fleshy, tasty, smoked tail, which is not wanted.

We had to do something. What is most often done in incomprehensible cases? Here Tanya makes mashed potatoes, and the rest of humanity – salad.

Being a salad, I thought, especially since we were waiting for my mother to visit, and my mother, like me, loves such salads.

The first thing I put to boil an egg. And potatoes. Frankly speaking, I rarely cook potatoes in my uniform, this is almost the first time in the last 10 years (and I’m not joking), all because in such potatoes I don’t like 2 factors: it’s not salty and needs to be peeled (and me cleaning such a potato annoying). But this time the child demanded me to the bathroom, and I had to cook quickly, so I had to compromise with my own conscience.

Onion thin cut quarter-rings

Diced cucumber in small cubes, him too in a salad.
It was the turn of potatoes, she also cut and sent to the rest of the ingredients.
The last but one goes to the salad and then sour cream. You can salt, but for me the fish gave the necessary salinity and I did not. I’m interfering.

My mom and I were very tasty, which is what you want!

Enjoy your meal!

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