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Smoked Chicken Salad Chicken Happiness Recipes With Photos

My husband is a non-standard man. In all senses.
Firstly, I have a very large one, not fat, but quite so swung – in my youth I was engaged in the corresponding sport.

Secondly, over the past 8 years, he has grown a decent such long tail and is not going to cut it.

And thirdly, he prefers salads to all dishes. I am ready to eat them a lot and often, for any holiday. Salads and champagne – and my husband is happy.

Of course, on his birthday, we cannot do without salatik.

I have a lot of branded salads, which I learned from my mom. Today I will tell you about the brand of the firm.

Even before marriage, my girlfriends squeaked for joy when they saw Chicken happiness on the table. Then not only my girlfriends started beeping, but also my beloved husband. Well, what for him, beloved, can not you do? 🙂

If you have time to leave for the night, then it is possible for the night – it will not be worse.

The next step is to boil the eggs.
And I’m cutting smoked chicken myself and rub on a fine grater processed cheese. Well, nuts a little bit small.

The preparatory activities themselves are now complete. It remains only to throw a bow on the sieve, let it drain.

I collect salad – this salad is puff, so I immediately take a serving plate. To the bottom of the chicken, mayonnaise on top of it (not a lot, just smear it), The next layer is marinated onion mayonnaise. Then, with an egg cutter, I cut the eggs, right on the salad, followed by the mayonnaise. The last layer of processed cheese mayonnaise. Well, crushed nuts on top.
And you can serve. Only take a plate more, salad is eaten in years!

Enjoy your meal!

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