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Salad with walnuts, recipes with photos

Walnut salad is very tender and light. It is easy to prepare, but it turns out very tasty and interesting.

You can cook it in portions, and you can in one large salad bowl. In addition, I usually spread it in layers, although you can just mix all the ingredients.

But in any case, this salad is worth it to try it 🙂

In order to prepare a salad with walnuts, you need the following products:

    The complexity is not that simple, but very simple;)

    Cooking time – active actions no more than 10 minutes. But all, of course, depends on the volume that you are going to cook. Plus, add 10 minutes for boiling eggs and time for the salad to infuse (but this is optional).

    Calorie salad without refueling – 320 kcal per 100 g (not too dietary salad, what can you say here. But its calorie content can be reduced if you put fewer walnuts in the salad).

    Cooking process

    I put the eggs stew.

    And in order not to waste time, I started preparing other products. Cheese put on a grater.

    Parsley cut.
    When the eggs were ready, cooled them and cut them.
    Now that all the products have been prepared, I put the salad together. Or rather, laid it out in layers in this order:

    1. Testicles. I slightly salted them.

    2. Mesh mayonnaise.
    3. Parsley.
    4. Half the volume of walnuts.
    5. Bullseye.

    6. Again the mesh of mayonnaise.

    8. And the remaining nuts.
    Gave the salad to stand in the fridge a little. But the more it costs, the better it gets soaked.

    When serving salad garnished with a sprig of parsley.

    That’s all, delicious and simple salad with walnuts is ready!
    Wishing you bon appetit, girls!

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