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Salad with turkey and grapes, recipes with photos

Much has already been said about the fact that before the dishes were prepared according to more standard schemes, today it is in the order of things to combine what would seem incompatible. In general, I was not the first to decide to combine meat with fruits or berries in one salad, but I would like to make my own tasty contribution.

The original salad, which I suggest you try today, is actually very tasty, I can safely recommend it for the holiday table. No one will say that this is a hackneyed dish, which has already been tried several times, but to surprise the guests is an indispensable duty of every hostess.

Recently, I loved to cook different turkey fillet dishes. This meat with its flavor, quite solid (not too disintegrate into small pieces), so it is very convenient to cook. And the chicken is already fed up with a bit, I – for the variety in cooking.

Time for preparing (taking into account the fact that the turkey was already boiled) – 20 minutes.

Degree of difficulty – simply.

For preparations salad with turkey and grapes will need following ingredients:

Cut the fillet into small pieces.

Peel the garlic and either grate or use a garlic crusher.

Combine sliced ​​fillet, garlic and grated cheese in one bowl.

Prepare a salad dressing: combine mayonnaise, ryazhenka and mustard. To stir thoroughly.

Add the resulting mixture to the salad, salt to taste and mix it.

Cut grapes into halves, or, if it is large, into small slices.

Put the finished salad on a dish and sprinkle with grapes on top.

I wish you all bon appetite!

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