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Salad with squids, corn and rice, recipes with photos

Squid salad has long been the number one dish on our festive table, along with the traditional Olivier. This salad is also good because the ingredients in it can be varied as you like.

So, to the squid, you can add and sweet Bulgarian pepper, and corn or fresh cucumber. And in order to make the salad more satisfying, you can add boiled rice to it. Personally, I really like this combination of rice and squid.

Ingredients for Salad:

Cooking time – 30 minutes.

Squids for salad, I buy usually frozen and unpeeled. Of course, the trouble with them is much more than with those already cleaned, but they are still tastier. In general, you can use canned squid, with them you can cook a salad in five minutes.

If the squids are not cleaned, then you must first remove the film from them, remove the insides, and then boil them.

In order to boil squid, you need to put them in cold and already salted water. Salt is better not to regret, and then squids turn out fresh. To make squid tasty and fragrant while cooking, we put laurel and black peppercorns in water.

Squid cooks pretty quickly – just five minutes after boiling water. It is not necessary to keep longer – squid can become stiff as rubber.

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