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Salad with smoked sausage, corn and green peas, recipes with photos

There is something that, as a rule, is not available to young mothers and what they passionately want. And this is not a party in the club.

This is a dream. Sleep. Get enough sleep. Get enough sleep (is there such a word?). And if normal people have a weekend to sleep, then moms do not have this luxury.

And here in the morning the grandmother calls us and says: Children, and bring my grandson to me for a day!

Mom, no question! – I replied, and my husband and I quickly gathered my son and went to the other end of the city.

And now the child is handed over to my mother from hand to hand and there are a lot of opportunities in front of us! You want – sing, you want – dance!

And I have this weekend, to be honest, not a small such a lot of things were planned: clean the apartment, wash, cook food for a week. The last was especially important, because in the fridge I hung up a mouse – we ate everything that could be eaten.

In general, we arrived home and decided that all things would wait. We will sleep! Shamelessly sleep! Snore without hind legs!

And before that, eat quickly. It is clear that I had to spend no more than 5 minutes on cooking. Think poorly? Ha!

Here’s a recipe for you – if you have all the ingredients at home, then exactly 5 minutes will leave everything for everything. And no preliminary preparation is required!


    Boil in this salad do not need anything. At all. Nothing.

    Therefore, the first thing I did was clean the carrot and cucumber (I doubted the skin of the cucumber – it was thick and could have bitter taste).
    Carrot rubbed,

    Added carrot, sausage and cucumber.
    Refueling time. You can, of course, mayonnaise, then neither salt, nor add mustard. But I decided that sour cream is more useful. There mustard and salt.
    Stir, try, called her husband to eat.

    And then we went to sleep. And slept right up until the evening. Woke up and went for the baby.

    Think you spent your time not productively? I do not agree – it was a great day of doing nothing.

    Such is the story.

    Enjoy your meal!

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