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Salad with smoked sausage and eggs, recipes with photos

This is how I called my salad just for the removal of eyes. There, except for sausage, vegetables! By the way, the sausage is unusual, I have never tried it, it is called Presision … I asked the sellers again, they say – yes, that’s all right, she. Dusted in something cool. In a word, and so tasty, and in the salad is superb.

Vegetables put those that are always in circulation. I continue to sit on salads in summer. The other is difficult. Here comes the cold, we will cook something more impressive!

Time for preparing: if the egg is already boiled, then it will take about 10 minutes, and if with cooking, add 15 minutes to the boil, and so much for cooling

Complexity: zero, because all that is needed is to choose products, chop them and then not suffer, as little is prepared!

Put a salad in a bowl, add leek to it from above.
What else is there? That’s right, sausage. While I cut it, half ate. Yummy! I didn’t cut myself, as I admit. Requested that the store thin nastrogali. But I was cutting on the straw myself!
I had arugula. In principle, I do not really complain about it. I do not even know why I have such a relationship with her. But I took this time, because it was painfully bright. Nastroem stripes and send in a bowl.
Bulgarian pepper, like, from any side here? It is not true with this. Because the emphasis has turned out, and the taste – as always with pepper. I sliced ​​his slices.

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