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Salad with red fish, recipes with photos

Even the most fastidious gourmet will like a truly royal layered salad. But besides its delicious taste, thanks to red fish, it contains many nutrients and vitamins.

Today I want to share a recipe that is perfect as a festive table, and will be a favorite at dinner with loved ones.

This salad will look great on a large platter and in portions. The components miraculously complement each other, due to which it becomes very tender, as if melting in the mouth.

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Initially, I prepared all the necessary products. Cooked potatoes, boiled eggs and peeled onions.

I want to open a little secret: cleaning onions is much faster if you divide it into two halves. Such a simple way will save enough time and tears.
Next, finely chopped onions.

Fry it in a pan until golden brown.

Cooked a big dish.

Took a salmon and divided it into two parts. One part was cut into small pieces, the other into even plates (they will be used for decoration).

The first layer on the dish I laid out our first version of the fish.

The next layer is a bow.

I missed with mayonnaise and rubbed boiled potatoes on top of it.

It is important to remember to cover with mayonnaise almost every layer of lettuce. This is necessary in order for the salad to be soaked and tender in taste.

Then I cut the crab sticks into small pieces. At will they can be grated. And in the same way I repeated the previous step: evenly distributing, laid out on top.

And again used mayonnaise.

Then grated the grated cheese and voila it already appeared on our salad.
Almost all layers are ready for me, the last one remains. For this, I took the eggs and separated the whites from the yolks. On top of cheese, rubbed squirrels and missed with mayonnaise. That’s what happened.

Such a wonderful salad just need to decorate. For this, I took the remaining plates of red fish and laid them out so that they resembled the petals of a flower. And the center thickly filled with caviar. A few green strokes of parsley and a layered salad with red fish is ready.
Enjoy your meal!

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