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Salad with red fish Glamorous trout, recipes with photos

Last week my child turned one year old. Is it a reason to gather numerous friends and relatives at the holiday table? I think that is definitely a reason! And feasts traditionally suggest various festive salads. Some of them I decided to share with you.

This salad was thought up by my girlfriend, as an alternative to the usual herring under a fur coat, she was tired of it somehow. Well, and God would have thought of her! And she, such nastiness, took it and somehow prepared it for a general holiday. Since then, I sat down on this salad and if I’m supposed to have some kind of family celebration, I’m definitely cooking.

Luka should be given at least an hour, and it is better to leave for the night.

Put the potatoes and eggs to boil.

Sliced ​​a red fish, cut boiled potatoes (you can rub it, but I prefer this
On a fine grater rubbed cheese. This time I only had specialized cheese for the soup, I even took photos of them just in case (yes, Tanya, for you)

but they did not change the essence of the salad.

At the bottom of the red fish mixed with mayonnaise and leveled the bottom, slightly going over the edges. I do not regret mayonnaise in a salad, I add a sufficient amount, since I was somehow greedy, I added little and the salad turned out to be rather dry.

The second layer is laid out potatoes, mayonnaise added and leveled.

I put the onion back on the sieve and put mayonnaise in the salad again.
Egg cutter cut eggs leveled with mayonnaise.

The last layer of cheese. And again the enemy of slender waists.

Gave the salad a little soak.

And happily filed for a feast.

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