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Salad with pomegranate and wheat sprouts, recipes with photos

I, like many girls, dream of losing a little extra weight. This is especially true now, when until the summer season swimsuits are nothing at all. But I don’t want to sit on exhausting diets. And the effect of them is very short. What to do?

For myself, I decided that I would stick to the rules of healthy eating. They are not clever, and I think that it is not necessary to remind them once again. But the main rule, I still voiced – not to fill up for the night!

I replaced a hearty dinner with light foods — vegetable salads and dairy products. But every evening, eating the same cucumber and tomato salad is somehow boring. Such a menu very quickly becomes boring and you want some variety.

I began to experiment with various combinations of vegetables and fruits, as well as with wheat germ, about which I have already created several topics. Thus was born a salad with sprouts and pomegranate seeds. The combination is unusual, but the salad turned out very tasty, light and incredibly useful.

Ingredients for Salad:

Cooking time – 5 minutes.

The difficulty is very easy.

We peel off the cucumber, especially if it is firm. So salad turns out more gentle.

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