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Salad with mushrooms, recipes with photos

No, spring is certainly good. It is beautifully simple. It is wonderful. It’s great. But I’m not going to give up on nourishing salads just because April is on the calendar, which means that the beach season will begin soon. It does not frighten me and do not deprive my appetite;)

Although, to be honest, I, of course, reduced the number of hearty salads a week. Rather, replaced them with lungs. But to abandon them completely I can not do. So if you also miss the hearty salad – this is the dish for you 🙂

To prepare a salad with mushrooms need such products:

    Complexity is just

    Cooking time – 15 minutes

    Calorie – 186 kcal / 100 g (excluding salad dressing)

    Cooking process

    Korean carrots I always use homemade. In the purchase of carrots for me always somehow a lot of vinegar.

    So, in a salad bowl laid out carrots in Korean. In addition to ours, you can make a lot of delicious salads from it.

    So, the salad is ready. Now I have a question: how to fill it up? And I remembered the recent recipe of Xenia homemade sour cream mayonnaise. Cooked. Sour cream mayonnaise came up perfectly for this salad! Well, for the sake of interest, I considered the calorie content of sour cream mayonnaise – to lose weight, so to lose weight.

    In general, depending on the fat content of sour cream, the caloric content of the finished sour cream mayonnaise is from 488 kcal to 520 kcal per 100 g. Quite a lot, of course, but in order to fill the salad in my plate, I needed an incomplete spoon of dressing. So ok.

    That’s all, now that the total calories have been calculated, you can safely eat. And lose weight;)
    I wish you bon appetit, spring mood and comfortable weight loss!

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