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Salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms, recipes with photos

And again we have a salad in the menu;) Today it will be a delicious salad with Korean-style carrots and mushrooms.

I spied the recipe for this salad with my employee. I often take to work as a lunch different salads – as for me, it is very convenient. A colleague, looking at it, decided to also have a snack. Now every day we share new recipes for salads;)

True, it was this recipe that I changed a little for myself. In the original (there is a similar recipe in this article) there was a smoked sausage or ham (I don’t remember exactly), which I replaced with mushrooms. It turned out also very tasty, so I can not share with you the recipe;)

The difficulty is quite simple.

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Calorie (without refueling) – 115 kcal per 100 g

For cooking salad need such products:

    Eggs boiled hard boiled.

    Cheese put on a grater.
    When the eggs were cooked, they cooled them, cleaned them and also rubbed them.

    Greens cut.
    Ready mushrooms paired with Korean carrots*
    * Carrots for this salad can be taken to the store, and you can cook yourself – it does not matter. I always cook myself. First, it is not a problem with the abundance of spices that are sold today. And secondly, my stomach is not very good at buying carrots – there is too much vinegar in it. When I cook carrots, I add it a little, and only apple cider vinegar is homemade.

    Added cheese, eggs, greens, salted and mixed.
    I used mayonnaise for refueling – and I refueled them directly at ease.

    That’s all, a delicious salad with mushrooms and carrots in Korean style is ready!

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