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Salad with green radish, recipes with photos

The other day, I came across a radish, and I thought that I had not eaten it for a very long time. Immediately decided to fix this thing and started a cheese salad with her participation 🙂

Immediately, I’ll make a reservation that black radish is not suitable for this dish, because it is more bitter and juicy in taste than green – juicy and relatively soft.

At all, this root crop amazes me with its beneficial properties. It seems to me that there are more of them here than in any vegetables! I singled out those of them that are most important in my personal opinion:

one. Adding radish to the diet helps to restore the desired level of calcium in the body. Which means a definite benefit for bones and teeth. The latter torment me with 20 years of pulpitis, then other troubles.

2 High content of vitamin A, which is very important for vision and nerves. I have problems with eyes for a long time, since the 5th grade, and my nerves … for August-September due to some ups and downs they loosened up in my order. So the need for this vitamin is more urgent than ever.

3 A large number of vitamins B and PP, which have a very positive effect on raising immunity and speeding up the metabolism. In the period of autumn colds and infections, again, very useful.

The advantages of radish can be listed for a long time. It is rich in iron, fatty acids, essential oils, phytoncides, salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

By the way, it is indicated for diabetics and hypertensive patients. And it is better to use it fresh – so the value of all nutrients is stored in the maximum amount.

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