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Salad with eggplants, tomatoes and cheese, recipes with photos

The products that are part of my today’s salad, fully demonstrate my current diet. This is what, if necessary, I replenish the store of strength and energy, getting real pleasure from food, and from each component both together and separately … But no – here, perhaps, not all … There are not enough branches of basil, a cup of coffee and sweetie …

And what can I do if it was during this August-September period, looking at the abundance of blue (or in my case and white), onions and tomatoes, I can not refuse myself a portion of gastronomic pleasure at least once a day, diluting it wonderful trio of cheese and herbs …

As I already didn’t connect them, I didn’t cook them, but the easiest and quickest option is, of course, to make a salad. Today I will tell you about him …

The complexity of the recipe: simple as never before

Required time for cooking salad: literally 10 minutes if the eggplants are already browned

Algorithm of proposed actions:

Since I deal with eggplants on a daily basis, I almost always have their stock in finished form (be it ringlets or small pieces). So this time part of the ready-made fried eggplants (previously diced) with onions, seasoned with salt and pepper, I decided to use to prepare my salad.

In addition, I cut colorful tomatoes into a large glass salad bowl. Pretty big cut so.

Further added onion feathers.

Then I sent some fried eggplants to the salad bowl.

Suluguni grated and added to the salad.

At the very final stage, she prepared chopped parsley, and then just mixed everything together.

I didn’t add any oil or salt – this was more than enough in eggplants.

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